Indev v1.1 Fully Released!

Changes Made:

  • Reduced FoV around player
  • Slightly reduced chance to take damage when fleeing
  • Fixed start-up bug resulting in a blank, white window (caused by the old order of object initializing)
  • When casting a spell, it will instantly fail on the first missed character
  • Slightly improved spell randomization structure and fixed a major bug in it. Spells will differ more and more and become more complicated via difficulty increase (killing enemies)
  • Tweaked various messages
  • Enemies now move around every so often (as well as npcs)
  • Game window made full-screen (and undecorated)

New Content:

  • NPCs that offer quests from time to time (prototype)
  • Two generic quest types: Escort (Escort target to location, will be improved in the future) & Search (Search given area for a lost item and return it to it's owner, will also be improved in the near future)
  • Biome localization (Forests, Plains, Lakes, etc) with customized FoV

Leaving feedback, bug reports and/or criticism via comments is encouraged.


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Sep 02, 2017

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