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The game follows a young yet powerful wizard named Gregory as he wanders around looking for various monsters to slay. Will Gregory ever find peace, or will he die in battle?

Project abandoned... (For Now)

Planned Features:

InventoryInteractive text-based inventory systemOn Hold
QuestsQuest system with random meta On Hold
LocationsInns, Guilds, Dungeons etcOn Hold

Indev Changelog:

  • Added NPCs and Quests
  • Introduced biomes and localization
  • Slightly improved casting efficiency and meta
  • Introduced minimal enemy and npc AI
  • Fullscreen (Exit via Esc or Alt+F4)
  • Fixed blank-window on start-up bug (for now)

Install instructions

  • Download the .jar file and drop it somewhere accesible (i.e. your desktop)
  • Run the jar file and enjoy.

The game will not create any files on your computer.


Metaphorical Wizard.jar 73 kB
MetaphoricalWizard.jar 46 kB

Development log

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